Top 6 Ways to Develop a More Powerful Speaking Style

Top 6 Ways to Develop a More Powerful Speaking Style

By Susan Berkley

Powerful Speaking

Do you know what your business speaking style says about you? We all recognize powerful people when we hear them, but do you know how to recognize and use these same traits to communicate your ideas more effectively?

A powerful speaker will speak at length, challenge ideas openly, make jokes, and laugh, according to Sarah McGinty, a faculty member at Harvard. They’ll also be more inclined to make statements instead of asking questions, and offer solutions or a plan.

Here are some other power-sapping conversational habits to avoid:

    1. Uninvited? Resist the temptation to drop into other people’s conversations. It’s an unwelcome intrusion that may be perceived as rude.
    2. Shift your focus away from “fitting in” and using gestures of agreement (like nodding). Instead, offer solutions and problem solving.
    3. Finish your sentences. When you don’t complete your thoughts it invites others to finish them for you.
    4. Don’t over explain an idea. You’ll frustrate the listener and encourage them to cut you off.
    5. Don’t be afraid to share your opinions and stand up for what you believe. Championing an idea is a sign of confidence
    6. Don’t undermine your statements by leading with disclaimers. For example, “I know this may be a dumb question but….” or “I don’t know if you agree with me but…”


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