Top 5 Reasons We Get Stressed Out When We Have to Give a Speech

Top 5 Reasons We Get Stressed Out When We Have to Give a Speech

By Susan Berkley

Afraid of public speaking? Fear is always a symptom of an underlying attitude in your inner life. Here are some of the most common reasons why:

    A speech can never be perfect, only optimal. Having unrealistic expectations about your performance and then beating yourself up when you don’t meet them is extremely stressful.
    Its perfectly natural to experience some nervousness before public speaking, and in this sense a speech is more like a performance than a conversation. If you expect some uncomfortable sensations caused by the temporary adrenaline rush when you get up to speak, you won’t panic and the symptoms will soon go away. Keep in mind that speaking stress feels worse than it looks.
    The novice speaker will often forget that the purpose of a presentation is to give something to the audience. This can be inspiration, motivation or information. But what ever it is, you must always put the needs of the audience above your own personal desire to look good. The more you can forget about yourself and focus on giving to others, the more relaxed and energized you will feel.
    Many of us are witheringly self-critical but are unaware that we do this. We then tend to project this onto the audience imagining that they are criticizing us or expecting us to fail when the origin of these feelings is within ourselves. Becoming aware of this often unconscious attitude is a big stress reliever.
    Waiting until the last minute is really stress inducing. If you are a habitual procrastinator, you should take a look at why you want to sabotage yourself. Hard to see, but a very worthy exploration.

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