Top 4 Ways To Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations

Top 4 Ways To Improve Your PowerPoint Presentations
By Susan Berkley



PowerPoints can be dull and boring and I skip them when I can, but if used correctly they can certainly enhance a presentation.

    I had a student who sells beautiful antique jewelry at auction. PowerPoint is perfect for displaying photos of each piece. Minimal words, just the photos and a brief description of each. The presenter does the rest.
    It’s also useful for complex technical data when a colorful graph would enhance understanding. I’ve used it to play audio samples of my company’s work at trade shows and to show humorous cartoons that underscore a point.
    PowerPoint is also useful when presenting to international audiences where English is not the native language. Here, bullet points are ok. Understanding will be enhanced when they can read what you are presenting. Use lots of pictures and cartoons. These will cross borders with ease.
    Consider using PowerPoint in tandem with a handout. Use an image-laden PowerPoint during your presentations and give a handout with bullet points for your audience to take away.

Many presenters use PowerPoint as a crutch and would be unable to give their presentation if it were not available. PowerPoint should enhance a presentation and the presenter, not become the presentation itself. Whenever you present, your goal is to share affection, energy, information with the audience and anything that prevents you from doing this should be dropped.


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