Mean Face, Mean Voice

Mean Face, Mean Voice

By Susan Berkley

Powerful Speaking

You’ve probably heard that when speaking on the phone, a smile on your face puts a smile in your voice. It’s true! 

A smile adds instant warmth to your speaking voice. But you may not know that the opposite is also true. My friend, Brian Sacks of, calls it: “mean face, mean voice.” A scowl on your face will not only put a scowl in your voice, it will repel your customers and prospects like rubber repels rain.

But here’s another thing you need to know. 

You may not “feel” like you’re scowling. In fact, you may feel pretty good inside. But if there’s a scowl on your face, your listener will get a bad vibe. And you don’t need me to tell you how dangerous that can be.

So here’s what you should do.

Purchase an inexpensive make up mirror and if you’re a business owner or manager, get one for everyone in your office.  Set it by the phone.  Before you pick up the receiver to make or take a call, take a look at your reflection and ask yourself: “Smile? Or scowl?” If it’s a scowl, take a moment to compose yourself before you speak.

Remember, you don’t need to FEEL like smiling in order for the smile to light up your voice.

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