Help for Speaking Blockages

Help for Speaking Blockages

By Susan Berkley

A subscriber writes:

“My 12 year old son sometimes gets blocked when he speaks although, he can control it completely when he really needs to, like reading or speaking in front of a group. But at home he sometimes has a hard time getting the first words out. He has been to therapy, but he is virtually flawless during therapy and they always release him and don’t really see a problem”

Susan Berkley:

“For the answer to this question, I consulted my friend Selma Genzani, a psychoanalyst who specializes in working with children at the Society for Integral Psychoanalysis in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She says it would be useful to find out what speaking represents to this boy. Since a speech specialist has given him a clean bill of health, a problem like this could be a symptom of a deeper psychological blockage. In other words, he is blocking whatever speaking represents to him in his inner life. An adult might associate speaking in public with career advancement, helping others. If he felt blocked while speaking, these would be the things he unconsciously resists. For those who associate speaking with something negative, such as being judged, seeing how their perfectionism and self-criticism holds them back and how they project these attitudes onto others would help them. Our inner life is rich and complex, but it is often hidden. The sound of the voice and the way we communicate provide us with valuable insight to the state of our soul so we can help ourselves and the people we love.”

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