Can the State of Your Spirit Affect the Sound of Your Voice?

Can the State of Your Spirit Affect the Sound of Your Voice?

By Susan Berkley

The answer is YES! But we have forgotten that this is so. Ours is an age of specialization with each expert highly trained and focused in his or her specific area of expertise. There’s one doctor for your knee, another for your heart, another for your stomach. There’s shrink for your head and a cleric for your soul. It’s easy to forget that all of our parts are connected and a disturbance in one part of our being is sure to reverberate in another.

The truth is, we are integrated beings– body, mind, and spirit. And if we are having voice problems or difficulties communicating it’s a warning sign that there may be an underlying problem in our mind and sprit as well. Just as a fever is nature’s way of warning us that there is an underlying infection somewhere in our body, a voice or communication difficulty is also a “red flag” that there’s a deeper problem going on somewhere else within.

At the turn of the 20th century, Sigmund Freud discovered that we are barely aware of our inner life. There’s a part of our psyche called the unconscious that is largely hidden from us. And while Freud’s theories pertaining to sex and the unconscious have been challenged by present day psychologists, few would deny the existence of this hidden, inner self and the powerful effect it can have how we feel, think and act.

Our spirit is part of this inner life. If your sprit is ailing, people will see it in your eyes and they’ll hear it in your voice. When you call a loved one on the telephone, can’t you tell how they’re doing instantly just by the way they say hello?

Your voice is a mirror of your soul. If it’s flat, monotone, lifeless, it’s a clue that you may be feeling sad or depressed. If it’s upbeat, others will be drawn to your enthusiasm.

There are highly effective voice mastery techniques you can use to control the sound of your voice when you’re having a bad day. I write about them in my book “Speak To Influence” and demonstrate them in my Magnetic Speaking Power coaching program.

But for the most lasting effect, look to your spirit first and address the problems there. Don’t get it reversed. Treating the mind and spirit first is a million times more powerful than any tip or technique. The sound of the voice will follow and your power to influence will be greater.

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