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In any international application, script translation is a mission critical element. There are many factors such as gender agreement, dialect and syntax that must be carefully considered on a language by language basis. Unfortunately, computer translation software just isn't up to the job. Let a computer do it and not only will the finished product be wrong, it might also be hysterically funny. For example, the Japanese phrase "falling short of expectations" was computer translated into English as "the shorts you expect to wear in the fall!"

At The Great Voice Company we will never let this happen to you. Our close proximity to New York City and the United Nations gives us access to a huge talent pool of experienced translators and native speakers in just about any language or dialect spoken on earth. We have a qualified team of native translators experienced in the specific terminology and requirements of telephony applications. Because a typical translation from English into another language can grow by as much as 30%, our translators will work closely with your developers to make sure that your application proceeds smoothly and makes sense to the end user.

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