Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of recording voice messages for IVR telephony systems? Do you charge by the message? By the request?

We charge a minimum session fee for each voice over recording session plus a per prompt rate.

Do you charge a flat rate or would you accumulate short recording sessions until we hit a limit to be charged?

If your concern is cost efficiency, you’ll save money on session fees by accumulating as many prompts as you can and recording them in one single session.

How do you charge for updates to our voice system?

You have several options for updates:

Option 1: Pay for each session + the prompts every time you need updates. 

Option 2: Pre-Pay for six session fees and get at a 20% discount on the session fees (good for 6 months from first session)

What is the cost to translate our script into foreign languages?

Translation rates are calculated on target language word count – minimum translation fee: $150

European rates $.38/word 

Middle Eastern/Asian rates $.48/word

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